Design works

Design work such as website, business card, poster, package and etc


Consulting of internet services. Translation among English Chinese and Japanese

Food Services

Bakery and Cafe in Japan. We going to open other restaurants soon.


Renting out our accommodations through airbnb and others

What can we do by our creativity


Design is necessary to our ordinary life. This is not the meaning of good looking, but design gives a feeling for safe and happiness through experiences. We focus on how customers feel and experience when we design. This is the very creativity that AI can not copy though the technology proceeded. We people are always impressed by human creativity and this is the thing shortline want to give.



We have designed web sites for companies, universities. As like a design partner, we advise wjat is the best way to sale or broadcast.


Consulting for internet promotion. Based on google analytics, we advise to increase your business.

インターネット広告等のコンサルティングです。主にgoogle analytics からのデータを分析しアドバイスいたします。

Photoshoot and recording a video for people or objects. Also we edit by photoshop or final cut.

商品や人物紹介等の写真、映像撮影を行うことができます。撮影後、写真はPhotoshop,映像はfinal cutでの編集が可能です。

Translation from Japanese to English and Chinese, or from English and Chinese to Japanese.


Paper design such as business card, brochure, poster, panel. It's available to not design but also print out and deliver by newspaper


We run a bakery in Osaka and a cafe shop in Nara, Japan. Over 10000 customers every month come.


Package desing such as paper bag, paper box and plastic bag. Not only the design but also we product the bags.


We do guest house and airbnb. If you want to look up our accommodations, you can check on airbnb or the link here.